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Awakening to the Universal, our Uniqueness & Service - Kim Wild - TruthLover #35

Awakening to the Universal, our Uniqueness & Service - Kim Wild - TruthLover #35

November 20, 2020

In today's podcast Kim Wild joins us, she is a freelance film and TV professional, an social entrepreneur, reiki healer, and an exceptional stills photographer.

Having over 25 years’ experience as a script supervisor in the international commercial and feature film industry, Kim has had the honour and pleasure of working with some of the industry’s most influential and innovative directors and crews.

With founding her thriving social enterprise, The Lovemore Movement, Kim brings a passionate call to action for individuals and communities to engage life with compassion, love and understanding. Kim has developed a personal grace of presence with a firm approach to all she does. As a mentor, coach and workshop facilitator working in the areas of Divine Masculine and Feminine, Positive Self Awareness and The Power of Love and Self Mastery, Kim is a character governed by a high level of personal integrity & social conscience.

The “capture the soul of the moment” perspective Kim presents with her photography includes awe inspiring wilderness and nature scenes, unique onset portraiture and outdoor events and celebrations. Kim has the ability for shooting people in a way that allows them to see the true beauty and essence of themselves, often a perspective they do not see themselves.

Publication of her eagerly anticipated photographic collection, focussed on life behind the scenes on film sets, is imminent. The book celebrates a plethora of intriguing characters, breath-taking scenery and unbelievable situations international crews find themselves in, whilst working on their craft.

Kim is a compassionate, humble and dedicated leader in her own right and is engaged and committed to delivering positive global change through her work with organisations such as The Lovemore Movement, Extinction Rebellion and the My Life Project. The highest aspiration Kim has, is to help support and encourage mankind towards love, compassion and mutual understanding, with all she does.

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