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The Intimacy of Sharing Consciousness - TruthLover #14 with Adam Chacksfield

November 1, 2018

The Intimacy of Sharing Consciousness - Moving From I to We

Our guest this time is Adam Chacksfield - he offers heart-centered nondual spiritual teaching in North America, Europe, and online, inviting individuals and groups to fall open. After a series of profound realizations, he left his early career as a political science professor to devote himself to spiritual exploration. Years later, with Peter Fenner's encouragement and support, Adam started to share nondual awareness. He developed the four-month “Falling Open” course as a catalyst for the awakening of the mind, heart, and body.

In 2011, moved by his deep appreciation for the value of spiritual community, Adam founded the Center for Nondual Awareness to support those called to share nonduality. Inspired by a spontaneous experience of “we-consciousness,” Adam is currently exploring the activation of shared consciousness within the Teacher Body of the Evolutionary Collective. He's also created the “Map of Relationship Paradigms” and developed “WE-Relating,” an online course that takes relationships into this new paradigm beyond separation.

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