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Evolution of Consciousness; Nonduality, Psychology and Relationships - Carole Griggs - TruthLover #26

January 22, 2020

Joining us on today's podcast is Carole Griggs, PhD., she is an author, speaker, and leader in the areas of professional coaching, human potential, and consciousness evolution. She is co-founder of and the iConscious Human Development model and assessment, an integrative meta-framework developed to accelerate the process of maximizing full human potential. Dr. Griggs is a professor and course developer for John F. Kennedy's Masters program in Consciousness and Transformative Studies, and is the author of Space to See Reality: A New Model for Professional Coaches. She is currently coaching leaders at Google, Google X, Wing, Waymo and other Silicon Valley tech companies. Carole holds a Ph.D. in Professional Coaching and Human Development. Carole’s mission is to help streamline and accelerate conscious human development for the evolution of humanity’s full potential through educational platforms and technology tools. Her vision is help create a world in which awakening - in all domains - is the new normal.

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