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Illness as Teacher, Emotions & Healing Through Authenticity - Fiona Shakeela Burns - TruthLover #34

October 29, 2020

Our guest today is Fiona Shakeela Burns, she is an Integrative natural health consultant who specialises in helping people to recover their health using herbs and energy psychology treatments.

She has twice recovered from stage 4 cancer using natural treatments combined with a small amount of specialised targeted treatment in Germany.

As a child she had plasma cell leukaemia and sarcoma and then 31 years later, she had metastasised cervix cancer with a large tumour in the ovaries and some in the brain.

She has been cancer-free for 12 years and attributes her current good health to the fact that she has been able to clear the emotional and mental patterns which were underlying her disease.

She also continues to eat organic, nutritious food and prioritise joy in her life!

Fiona delights in helping others to overcome health challenges, having worked in the area of health and healing for the past 36 years.

→ Fiona's websites: &

→ Facebook Group: Cancerucan


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