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Identity, Psychedelics, UFOs, Revolution and Crypto: Part 1 - MaxAnte - TruthLover #20

October 11, 2019

Today's guest is MaxAnte - after living a socially predictable life in Australia for 40 odd years, raising a family, and following 25 years of intensive Buddhist meditation, which included months of silence in India, time as a monk in Burma, MaxAnte only really came to life after he let go of nearly all his passions and family. Taking just 2 bags, he set out on what would become a 7 year non-stop round the world quest to the know the truth behind what was going on here. This intensified after reading Jed McKenna in 2013, where he realised that what the Buddha had said was true, that full awakening was truly possible.

What followed were a series of stranger and stranger adventures through Asia, Thailand, Europe, Canada, the US… until finally getting to Mexico. It was only upon arriving in Mexico and following the feedback of where life was taking him, that it became clear what full and complete surrender really was about. Alone, having already lost everything, MaxAnte allowed himself to be taken by an extreme shaman medical doctor into the medicine journey of the Buffo toad, the most potent source of 5-MeO-DMT. It was here in Feb 2015, that MaxAnte's NDE on the beaches of Tulum, a complete life reset, that would then reveal and reinvent his entire view on what life on Earth was about.

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