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Emotional Metabolism and How to Handle Doctors - TruthLover #10 with Shanti Zimmermann

September 6, 2018

Emotional Metabolism and How to Handle Doctors

Our guest today is Shanti Zimmermann, she is first and foremost a human, a tender hearted fierce advocate of full expression. She's being raised by four children, three of which are teenagers, she's movement obsessed and Shanti is also in deep communication with the plant nation. She belongs to the earth, believes in what can not be seen, relationships are her religion and she is obsessed with the sacred and the holy and what is right. Shanti is always learning, she's on the path of mastery in the areas that matter to her - love clarity, integrity, embodiment, honesty, transparency, interdependency and mutual indebtedness. Shanti is a guide to those walking into who they know themselves to be. 

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